The irrigation law in Doñana and the clean energy record, am

The irrigation law in Doñana and the clean energy record, am

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The Andalusian Parliament approves starting the procedures for the irrigation law in Doñana. This rule seeks to urgently regularize the water supply to 1,500 hectares of crops near the national park, an ecosystem full of biodiversity where half of the lagoons have already dried up. This proposal has been approved with the votes of the PP and VOX and has been rejected by the European Union, the Government of Spain, the Doñana Participation Council and environmental organizations. We talked about it yesterday in Climatic. RTVE remembers that there have already been European rulings against this exploitation of water.

Record clean energy growth in 2023. Wind and solar power reached a record 12% of global electricity generation last year, according to Ember's global electricity review. This raised the overall share of low-carbon electricity to almost 40% of total generation. They tell it in Carbon Brief. The Government of Spain convenes the Drought Special Data Roundtable. The meeting will be held on April 19 with the objective of evaluating the incidence of drought in the agricultural sector and exchanging information with the affected sectors. According to data provided this Tuesday by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, the water reserve in the swamps is 28,665 hm³, which represents 51.2% of their capacity.


He tells it in EFE Verde. Our Fish calls for a fuel tax on fishing. The environmental entity has asked the countries of the European Union to support the introduction of a tax on fossil fuel in the fishing industry in the review of the directive on energy taxation. They assure that if fuel subsidies are cut, between 653 million euros and 1.4 billion euros can be generated to support the ecological transition. More information in and The Guardian. Historical record of CO2 in the atmosphere. The Mauna Loa Observatory recorded this Tuesday, April 11, the highest CO2 concentration ever recorded with 423.06 parts per million (ppm). ). A year ago it was 418.82 ppm. 350 ppm is considered to be the safe level.

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